Motive Power 

Enersys' European plants are committed to controlling any direct or indirect activity, product or service, that it can control and over which it has an influence, that may effect the environment or the safety of its work force.

We promote the more efficient use of energy, and in some places we have the capability to recycle it. Our aim to minimise water use, reduce and control waste, minimise emissions and increase recycling.

We identify every process/activity that has the potential to change, to any extent, the local or global environment. A programme of continuous improvement, development and investment ensures that the environment and our workers are protected.

Our emissions are strictly controlled in each country and are maintained under the limits given by the standards in force. We can then ensure that all Enersys plants are as environmentally friendly as it is possible to make them.

We produce lead acid batteries, and the majority are already efficiently recycled. All components of our industrial batteries : metals, acids, plastics and lead are recyclable (about 95%).

Our workers are protected by constant medical scrutiny and by the mandatory use of matched protective clothing and equipment.

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