Motive Power 
Forklift truck batteries
  Extra performance, extended life batteries
  Standard batteries
FIAMM Motive Power energy plus
  Low Maintenance batteries
  FIAMM Motive Power Water Less
  FIAMM Motive Power Water Less20
  Maintenance free batteries
  FIAMM Motive Power energy dry
  Special batteries
  FIAMM Motive Power energy plus Atex
  FIAMM Motive Power Water Less Atex
  Power Management
  WI IQ- battery monitoring device
  FIAMM HF chargers - Modular design
  Lifetech/Life IQ Modular
  NexSys COMpact/Life COMpact
  LifeSpeed iQ
  FIAMM HF chargers - Standard design
  SHF- chargers for blocs
  FIAMM 50Hz chargers
  Tension Wa
Tension WoWa
Tension Wsa 12
Tension Wsa 8 puls
Tension Wsa air
Small traction batteries: cleaning machines, AGVs, leasure, small electric vehicles
  NexSys 12 V
  Power Management

Wherever in Europe there is a need for motive power batteries or chargers, Enersys is here to provide the perfect solution.
FIAMM Motive Power is part of EnerSys, the world leader in industrial batteries with activities covering motive power (traction batteries and chargers), reserve power (standby batteries for telecoms, UPS etc), and defense.

We are the largest European manufacturer of industrial lead-acid batteries, and have locations and service networks spanning Europe, Africa, Middle East and the rest of the world.