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WI-IQ - the brand new battery controller

WI-IQ is the brand new battery controller from Enersys. It is able to communicate wirelessly to download the battery key information for better diagnostics & service.
The information is transferred to the PC via USB modem by Wireless communication.      
The Wi-IQ records global data during the life of the battery.The Wi-IQ will store data for 2,555 cycles. (complete history stored by PC)
The data can be analysed by the PC software program as follows:

  • State of charge
  • Temperature warnings
  • Low electrolyte level warnings

Option of Reporting Suite
Wi-IQ REPORT can enable you to carry out a quick diagnostic on any battery that shows a warning via the Wi-IQ LEDs. Simply plug in your USB modem to your PC, scan the
Wi-IQ and up-load the data. Selecting the Exception & Detailed Reports will provide information on the condition of your battery and any actions that are necessary. Fleet analysis and cycle data reports put you in control of your battery fleet;

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